Monday, November 10, 2008

Welcome November.

Hello! No, I did not die from being alone with the Pupster. Nor from the Hurricane. Nor from the Bar. In fact, things have all been going really well here in general, except for the unfortunate number of funerals that have happened. But Anyway. Quick Update:


2. Hurricane: It happened, it sucked. We were lucky, no real damage and power back fairly quickly.

3. Pupster: Oh how far we have come. As an example, as I write this, Joker has been out of town since Wednesday, which is almost SIX DAYS people, and I have been alone with the Pupster balancing work and dog and bar victory celebrations and have not yet lost my mind.

(Well. There was the moment Saturday night when Jake jumped up to the super-high cabinets, which I didn't even know he knew existed, and where we happen to store lots of expensive glasses and vases. And while I balanced precariously on the edge of the counter and tried to coax him down, and he... resisted, I turned around and found my dog ON TOP of my guest, on top the chair.)

She is still a good girl, but there have been moments. For example, here is the List of Things That Pupster Has Eaten:

Dog Beds (2)
Apple Mac Cord
Ipod USB Cord
Towel (mine)
Towel (my mothers)
Shoes (mine, 3 pair)
Boots (Jokers)
Joker's Wallet
Half Pan of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Brownies
Box of Tissues
Bag of Potato Chips

Overall though, the dog is going well, work is going well, the bar is passed, the hurricane is over, and I am looking forward to having my husband back tonight!

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