Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm Back!

I realize it's been forever since I posted, but due to a totally made up time-stapling theory I just invented, I am pretending that all the time I was in Texas didn't actually occur in DC, so when I talk to K and E and I say "last week", I am actually referring to the second week of May, which is apparently rather confusing as I invented the time stapling theory, but did not share it.

And anyway, I'm back in Texas, so... ok. I just confused myself.

Yes, I am in Texas, which is GREAT! for me and my parents but maybe more than a little disconcerting for people in DC who spent 12 weeks this summer waiting for me to come back, only to have me leave again less than two weeks later. (Hi Joker! Hi Peanut! Love you!) The good news is, I came back down initially for my offer dinner at the firm I accepted an offer from, so... Yay! I have a job (come September. Of next year). Then I was here, and since school hasn't started yet I have nothing to do, and there was potentially a hurricane coming, and... Yeah. Three days turned into roughly 10. And I haven't actually physically gotten on a plane yet, so there is no telling when I will actually go home.

Because.... Y'all, seriously- NOTHING. TO. DO. I have no job currently. I have no school currently. So pretty much I sit around and watch the food channel, wondering things like, "Why is she baking a stew? No, really, I thought stew was more of an on the stove thing" and making vague threats, like "If Rachel Ray continues to talk, I will spend my remaining weeks of freedom tracking her ass down and will shove a bottle of 'EVOO" down her throat. Yum-o!"

Sometimes the food channel makes me cranky.

So hopefully, with the nothing to do and the free time and all, I will be able to post again more frequently, which is probably exciting only to me, because then I feel like I have been totally useful even though "writing in a personal blog that is not at all a source of income" and "being productive" are not actually as similar as I want them to be.

Mmmm, mango ginger martini.

Anyway, just checking in, that's all for now!