Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

Um... two and a half years later?

Sigh. No point in trying to explain anything about the lack of writing or what all has happened in the past TWO AND A HALF FUCKING YEARS, but I can highlight as follows:

1. I left my firm and went to a new firm.

2. The Joker and I finally took our honeymoon, a couple months before our fourth year anniversary.

3. K and E? Now have a mini- K&E!

4. My ass has failed to get any smaller.

5. The oatmeal is gone.

6. I apparently gave myself Runner's Knee by sitting too much.

And that... that is the highlights. I have more excuses for 2011, being that most of it was AWFULAWFULBADINALLWAYS, but my only excuse for 2010 is that one of the partners at my old firm and I decided we were 23 years old again and I spent a disproportionate amount of time clubbing until 4 am (really) on school nights (no, really) and I was generally too tired/hung over to write. And when I say 2011 was bad, I mean it was bad in the sense that I broke my foot at a wedding in DC in September, and that occurrence was officially the best thing that happened to me all year. So, yeah.

ANYWAY, now it is no longer 2011! It is 2012, and already many, many things better than breaking my foot have happened. For example, New Years Day was officially the Most Fun I Have Had In Years, and involved day drinking in Dallas with fantastic new friends who may, sometimes, fantasize about sleeping with the ghost of Margaret Thatcher, which is hard because she isn't even dead. And then the Joker and I went to Disney World AND Universal Studios, and do you know what is at Universal Studios? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is a place I would like to live. Additionally, they have a Jurassic Park ride that you can make your husband go on, and there is only one lap bar, and his lap is many inches higher than your lap, which on any other ride is kind of terrifying but on Jurassic Park it is awesome, because you can duck under the front of the boat entirely and the gigantic wave of water will crash spectacularly against his face, and only sightly dampen your hem. And you will laugh for hours, and he will hate you.

Anyway, I also just got back from a trip to San Antonio with my parents for the Joker's and my combined anniversary/birthdays, and that was fun and filled with singing at piano bars and drinking hurricanes, and also meeting family that is 1. three hours away, and 2. I did not know existed. And in 2 weeks work is flying me to DC, and I am going for a week, so I can see Peanut and K&E and Mini K&E, and A and everyone except S, who up and moved to Boston awhile ago.
And now I am home and because we were gone the woofs are extra snuggly.

Anyway, the point is it has been two and a half years, and I miss writing, and I miss how I remember so much of my life because I wrote about it, so I am trying again.

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