Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ok, it is time for a VERY FIRST on Citycat's Prowlings! The Joker was super successful and got a camera that is easy, good, and ALSO stylish. And I now (finally) have pictures of the Pupster! And the Jakester, just because I still love him.

So here we go.

Hello. I am adorable.

Also, a little unsure about that beepy flashy thing. I will go low, and bark.

Barking FAIL. No, really. What is that thing? I will hide behind mom.

The HELL? WARN a cat before you point that thing at him!!

Also? I hate you. So very, very much.

I see her. And I also hate her.

And here are a series of pictures showing our Pupster playing with her VERY FAVORITE BALL EVER. The one she just managed to eat a chunk of. Sigh.

So that is our baby, and our other, grumpier baby. And I am completely obsessed with the camera and posting pictures and iPhoto, so I promise more to come!!

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