Thursday, November 17, 2005

Useless Babbling, Now With More Links

Ok. Since I promised I would do more with the "updating" and less with the "sitting at home and ignoring my blog", I decided to stop in today to make a couple of points.

First, I would like to point out that my apartment has officially pulled of a Career Trifecta, in that Kate ALSO just got a raise, and we rock. Yay Kate!

Secondly. Remember back a few years ago when it was determined that I probably, should not ever, EVER, date? Some things don't change. Of course, I think I need to blame myself for this one. When the advice from my supervisor in re: The Date is, "Just muster up as much of that ambivalence as you can", it might be a hint that my heart isn't really in it. Just a thought. See Also: when I am surrounded by available, interested guys who actually want a relationship, and I am attracted only to the 25 year old with no job who travels the country and is only there on a lark as well. So I think it is officially once again official- I simply don't have the time or the energy to take myself seriously enough for a relationship right now. Unless you are Jared Padalecki, in which case- call me!

And speaking of Jared Padalecki, I am relatively annoyed with myself for Tuesday night. I mean, it's one thing that when I am alone on a Saturday night I might watch a scary movie and freak myself out. This is fine. Do you know what is not fine?? Not being able to handle a TV SHOW on the WB without covering my eyes and fast forwarding through the scary parts. I love Supernatural, but Christ people... shit scared the HELL out of me. Kate comes home from trivia all, "Hi, what are you up to?"

Me: "Hiding on the balcony because I am now afraid of the apartment."

Kate: "Oh. Um. I'm... home now, so the apartment... will not get you? So you can go to bed?"

She is intelligent enough to simply not watch the show; therefore she does not experience general unease and localized panic, at say, a lamp. But seriously? That lamp? On the show? Nearly killed Jared Padalecki, my friends, and he may someday be my boyfriend. And I am totally not about significant others being killed by household appliances.

Anyway, this has been an insane week, and I have gone out a lot, which is strange because 1. I had stopped a lot of "going out on weekdays", 2. Especially because of law school, and 3. Especially 3 weeks before finals, but has been entertaining, if nothing else. And this weekend? HARRY POTTER WEEKEND. Y'all know.

Ok, so I should probably get back to work, by which I mean "reading my Evidence assignment", because finals really are in less than three weeks and I am, to put it mildly, fucked. The good news is that, except for the spacebar, my computer is fully functional, so I am hoping that after a quick trip to Best Buy I will be actually able to type and update from home, like a sane person.

Note I said like a sane person. I have no intention of getting all boring and sane.