Tuesday, July 19, 2005

JK Rowling Is My Hero

No, really. No, REALLY.

This weekend... well, this weekend was comprised of one thing, and one thing only. Harry Potter. It began on Friday night, when my roommates and I turned 10. Kate needed a poster for something she was doing over the weekend, and as soon as I heard the word "poster" the small part of my soul that still remains a sorority girl perked up its chandelier earring clad ears and sprang into action. Suffice to say, what started out as a perfectly innocent poster (posterboard, crayons) became a 3 person project involving glitter, stickers, markers, etc. It was wonderful reliving childhood, especially since this time childhood comes with wine.

But we were not done yet folks! Oh no, we were going to the bookstore to get our Harry Potter books! And.. we may have gotten to the bookstore a little early. Which just meant more wine, so... ok. But then... well, we might have tied for first place in the trivia contest. And... the first prize of "first in line" might have been a little useless since we very well may have been the second people in line anyway. So we took the second prize.

And there is now a 5 foot Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince cut out in our living room.

We? Are So. Cool.

Anyway, I literally spent the entire weekend reading, I reread book 5, read book 6, reread book 4, and am almost through 6. Again. And then I am rereading 5 againbecauseIreallylikeitandonlykindofskimmeditbeforeand Shut. UP.

And my apartment has turned into some sort of Law And Order: Special Wizards Unit, as Kate and I take defense and E takes the prosecution on a certain wizard, who will remain nameless here because I don't want to spoil anything. But if you want to write me comments and discuss, I am happy to. If you don't want a spoiler- don't read the comments.

Then yesterday, on my day off, I decided to be Mature and Reponsible and go to the Dentist. Which I hate. Violently. I never used to hate the dentist, but then I got braces. And my orthodontist was insane, and one week he forgot to stop the chair as it tilted back, nearly dropping me on my head, dropped one of his tools ON my head, and glued the paper napkin thing to my chin. And if you don't think that being in junior high and leaving at lunch for orthodontia and coming back with a paper soul patch is enough to scar you for life, you obviously have no soul.

So anyway, I really like my dentist, but I am reserving judgment on my dental assistant, who apparently thinks that the best way to clean teeth is to remove the gums entirely. It was like:

Me: (Opens mouth).

Dental Assistant: (with sharp silver hook) Poke. Poke. PokeyPokePoke. "You have healthy gums."

Me: "-Ank oo".


When my dentist finally came in, I felt like apologizing to him and swearing that I used to have gums, really, and they were healthy, and if he wanted to see for himself just check his assistants Death Hook of Dental PAIN.


Anyway, its a busy week, and then it's the weekend again. Life? Is rough. :).