Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day One

So, the Joker had to leave on entirely bad and unfortunate circumstances. Everyone: Good thoughts for the Joker's family. And now I am alone with the dog and the cat.

Now, our dog is actually an extremely good dog, as far as big puppies from shelters go. She is not at all aggressive. I can reach into her mouth and take out whatever she decided to eat. She never attacks my cat. She doesn't bite. She doesn't jump.


Two words. Separation. Anxiety.

Dog cannot be in a different room. Dog cannot be anywhere that she can't see us. And also, dog is a little worried about the crate. This is a problem when I am alone, because I like to do things like shower.

So, there is adjustment. However, my dog just proved why she is kind of awesome. Now note, that when Joker fell in love with the word "housebroken", apparently the person who wrote that was also a blogger because it was followed by: "almost." And it's true. In 9 days, there have been about 4 accidents, at least 2 of which were our fault. So earlier tonight, I took pup out, and it went like this:

Pup: By door.

Me: Let's go out!

Pup: Goes bathroom.

Me: YAY!

Pup: Sleeping. For hours.

Me: Let's go out!

Pup: But... Maybe I would like to sleep, but OH MY GOD YOU ARE LEAVING! I WILL GO TOO!

Pup: Goes bathroom.

Me: YAY! Have figured out secret pup speak!

We come in.

Pup: By door.

Me: Really? But we just... ok.

Pup: I am OUT! There is a frog! And a dog! YAY! (does not go.)

Me: Drats. Foiled again.

Two hours later.

Pup: By door.

Me: OOOh, no, Sneaky Pup. Do you have to go?

Pup: By door.

Me: NO. Am smart.

Time passes. Pup by door.

Me: Ok. Let's go.

Pup: Goes. Then again.

Me: Wow. Good pup, with the waiting.

Sprinklers: Go on, seconds after pup goes.

Me: Thank god.

We live in an incredibly dog friendly complex. There are several green areas, and all of them are equipped with doggie bags. But our dog? Likes to go in one particular place, that is not "open", and is more "landscaping". Which is fine, because I clean up, but also, I think that if she had gone 5 minutes later, and there had been sprinklers, things would have gotten Ugly.

(By the way? My dog? With "not aggressive" also goes "afraid of things", and so far that includes things like "potatoes" (don't ask), so sprinklers could have been the end.)

We have four days to go.

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