Thursday, August 21, 2008

And Then There Were Four. Or, Welcome Piper!

So. The post about the Exciting Thing has been somewhat delayed, mostly due to the fact that the Exciting Thing broke the camera, so there are no pictures. This is unfortunate, but the only picture I have right now is on my phone and I have no idea how to make it go from there to the computer. We even went and bought a disposable camera, and have some great pictures, but they will not be developed for awhile. So here is the post, and the story, pictures later.

BUT! Y'all, the Exciting Thing is SO. EXCITING. that I am totally not even over it yet. Because right now, napping at my feet, is Piper, our very own puppy.


Ok, you have to understand, I have wanted a dog for literally two decades. But most of those decades were spent in my parents house, and their answer to the constant litany of "Can I have a dog" was always, simply, NO. Then I went to college, and although one couple on our floor managed to sneak a puppy in for awhile (also on our floor: Guy who turned the study lounge into a hotel room, raves, and attack roaches), I really didn't think it was overall a good plan. Then, for years, I was running around in high heels and causing trouble and maybe not often sleeping at my own house. So I did what any red blooded girl who desperately wants a puppy but can't commit, and got a cat.

Then law school happened and I lived with the fabulous Canadian family and they? Tolerated Jake fabulously but somehow turned into my parents when the subject of a dog came up. (Read: NO). But then I got together with the Joker and we had many conversations that went like this:

Me: Can I have a puppy?

Joker: Yes, once we move.

(we moved).

Me: Can I have a puppy?

Joker: Yes, after the bar and California.

(takes bar, returns from California).

Me: Can I have a puppy?

Joker: Sure, lets get one! TODAY.

And my parents, who apparently have no aversion to dogs belonging to other people, got very excited and we all trooped down to the local shelter.

Which proceeded to BREAK MY HEART, Y'ALL, SERIOUSLY. Too many puppies and kitties and older dogs. Pets are family. They are not expendable. You don't get to just get rid of them when they become an inconvenience. But anyway.

We walked through a couple rooms, and then came to one cage where there were two puppies and the word that made the Joker fall in love, "housebroken". Somehow, we ended up with one of them on a leash, and then the next Wednesday we took her home.

Piper is a 30 pound, 5 month old black lab mix. There is some question as to what she is mixed with, possibly border collie. She has giant ears and usually one is up and one flops down. She is darling and precious and I am so in love with this dog.

We have had her just over a week and she is starting to relax and feel at home. (Read: Be BAD). We have her trained to sit (usually), lay down (usually), stay (for awhile), and fetch (when she wants to). She is a little too attached to us right now (read: Me) and we have to work on leaving her alone in her crate longer so she doesn't get stressed out.

Jakers is doing ok with the whole thing. Do not get me wrong. He hates the dog. He might slightly hate us for getting the dog. Sometimes when she is walking by he swipes at her for no reason at all. He growls and hisses and puffs up. He wants attention from me constantly. He lives on the counter now. He drinks her water. He climbs up on her crate at night and taunts her. I am still completely in love with my cat.

But life will never be the same. The Joker has a family emergency and has to leave, so for the next few days it is me, alone in the house with a dog and a cat who hate each other. Plus I have to ease her separation anxiety and I probably will never sleep.

But y'all.


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