Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Found My Widgets!!

I found them!! YAY!!


Ok, I realize it isn't exactly normal for people to lose their widgets. For those of you who do not know, widgets are little clicky things on your computer (yes, this is the highly technical definition of widgets. Deal.) that give you fun things like a calculator and post it notes and everything. When I got my Mac, I had widgets. And they were great, right there down on the little menu strip all bouncy when you clicked on them.

Then they disappeared.

I don't know, y'all. I didn't DO anything with them. One day, they just weren't there. Poof. Gone. Bye! I had no idea what had happened. I searched my computer, and found where they were supposed to be, and I clicked there, and... no. No widgets. Then I looked online, and found a couple of things that may be a problem, but... No. Not my problem. Then I even asked S, because he's the smartest computer person I know, and even he didn't know. And 1. When S doesn't know, you really have yourself in a mess, and 2. Do you know the reaction you get when you tell someone you lost your widgets? That something that comes standard on your computer, that you really shouldn't be able to mess up, you somehow misplaced? Yeah.

So anyway, I have just been going along, widgetless, because I still have just enough self dignity to not be able to face the guys at the genius desk, because no matter how much I realize that "genius" may be a euphamism, I cannot face making an appointment, walking to the desk, and informing them that I lost my widgets.

Anyway, tonight I was doing something entirely different, and Firefox froze. And since I have no idea how to "ctrl alt del" on a mac (oh, to be honest after over two years a good 90% of the damn mac is a mystery to me) I was randomly searching through applications, and there they were.

My Widgets!

All back on the bouncy bar.