Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Am Not Helping Myself, Here

So given the head exploding levels of Shit to Do that I described in my last post, I obviously need to do something about it. Be proactive! Have a plan! Accomplish things! And I am very, very Type A, meaning that in order to sleep at night I need to have a list. In fact, I have several! Several lists, each with a topic like "wedding", "Bar application" and "work", (also "law school" and "General life") and these lists have things on them to do, and in this way I can keep track of what has to be done and what has been done and then I don't wake up screaming. (In theory, because the other night Tom Cullen, from The Stand, he was in my dream and he tried to thwart an evil DJ and then there was a monster and... oh, nevermind.)

To make things worse, I have finally internalized the fact that Friday is the last day of February, and that means that THIS WEEK is March, and oh that is not good. Waaay back when I was Stupid I remember thinking things like, "Yes, and spring break is 6 weeks before the wedding, and that is a perfect time to finish things up because I won't have school." And then, when classes started, thinking, "Well this stuff isn't due till March, so there is lots of time!" And see, y'all, that was a lie, because it is March in a matter of hours and not one damn thing is done.

So this leads me to my current problem. See, making the lists makes me feel better, because then things feel more under control. Then I can relax, and watch TV, and read a book not for school.

But you know what? "Making a List" is not at all the same as "Actually Doing Stuff on a List."


So like today, where I have finally figured out how to accomplish everything I need to accomplish, provided I stick to the schedule and work every free minute, I am here at school....


That is not even ON the list.

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