Thursday, December 06, 2007

Welcome to the Madhouse

Yes, look! I remembered how to type! It's been awhile, so long that I kind of expect Blogger to be all passive-aggressive and, "well, it's nice of you to come round, of course, SOME bloggers don't just run away for months at at time and leave me to languish, I mean sure, it's TOTALLY FINE if you just breeze by your blog once a day to check your links to other blogs, if that is all I am good for..." etc etc.

I have been gone for good reasons, however. Or at least, reasons other than laying on the couch watching Dr. Phil, which some people have informed me is not really a "good" reason for anything, except maybe "seeking help". Because I have done things! Things like volunteer and get a job and discover the brain game on the Wii that resides in my living room! Also things like go to classes and work on planning the wedding and travel to be in someone else's wedding and watching lots and lots of football. So see, very busy person, me.

So I can't possibly begin to catch up on all that has occurred. Highlights, however, involve:

Volunteering: When El Capitan asked if anyone would "ride shotgun with her brother in a truck" the day of the charity walk, I totally agreed, because I am nice. What El Capitan failed to mention, however, because she is sneaky, is that the "riding" part was for roughly 1.2 miles, and then there was PARKING and UNLOADING and RELOADING of THINGS THAT WERE HEAVY. In the rain. Over and over again. And I had to wake up at 3am, which is not a waking up time, it is a going to bed time. Next time I think I will volunteer for something like phone answering, which at least is not heavy.

Job: Yes, I am back in the land of the employed, kind of by accident. Once, many months ago, in a spurt of motivation, (and, ok, motivated by the feeling that I should at least pretend to be looking for a job while watching Dr. Phil), I applied for a nice little legal assistant position close to home. And heard nothing, until a month later, when suddenly I had an interview and then the job within a week. Right before finals, because I am stupid and timing hates me. So now I spend a few days a week doing legal stuff. And drinking Einsteins winter brew, because as par for the course, although I have many, many dollars in Starbucks giftcards, I am addicted Einsteins, which I have to pay for.

Clever Planning Turning Around and Biting Me In The Ass: The professor said we'd be having a party on the last day of class. Yay parties! So I assumed that there would be food, and I didn't want to be rude, so I did not eat any breakfast. Funny thing, though, is that when he said "party", he actually meant "roughly nine million bottles of wine." On an empty stomach. The notes from the class after that? Don't make much sense.

Anyway, that is roughly the highlights. That, and the fact that I am reading a fabulous new series of books, involving Thursday Next, and in her world everyone has a pet dodo. And they make a "plock plock" noise. Which I have taken to repeating and adding on to almost every sentence I say to the Joker, as in, "Are you hungry? Plock plock" or, "Time for bed! Plock plock". Which rather irritates him, but there isn't much to say, because where do you even start?

I'll try to be better with the posting. Plock plock.

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