Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Friends Are There To Bitch With You...

But It's Maybe Not Such A Good Idea To Bitch During Class

Tuesdays are my interminable days, I have a full day's work and four hours of classes and people wonder why I can't show up to baseball games. Anyway, last night Peanut FINALLY signed on, after having been MIA for days, which is simply not fair, especially when I have things to complain about. Which... Hi, have we met?

Anyway, again gchat is the devil and we all need more sleep, as evidenced by the following:

Citycat: "Hi! You are back!"

Peanut: "Yes. But I am grumpy and hate all life."

Citycat: "Oh, I hate it when that happens. Um, would wine help? (I find wine helps.)"

Peanut: "NO."

"Sorry, am a bitch today."

Citycat: "No problem, I get it. Also..." (proceeds to complain about various complainy type things.)

Peanut: "Bitch."

"I'll kick her ass."

"Mainly because I just need an ass to kick."

Citycat: "Fair enough."

Peanut: (continues to complain about work, e-mails, life.)

Peanut: "Ok, seriously. Give me somebody's ass to dick."

............ "Kick!"

Citycat: "Ahem."

Peanut: "That was a bad bad slip. Ok, so now I am laughing. Hard. (No pun intended)."

Citycat: "So am I. And that is a bad thing, because we are talking about the death penalty and that's not funny."

Peanut: "HA HA HA. Am crying now."

Citycat: "Me too, which... maybe professor thinks tears are sadness over death penalty?"

Peanut: "Probably not."

Citycat: "No. But "give me somebody's ass to dick" needs to be your little myspace thing."

Peanut: "I don't know how I feel about that."

Citycat: "You know I'm blogging this, right?"

Peanut: "I hate you."

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