Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Another Saturday Night...

And I don't give a damn if I got money or not, because there is work. However, there is something to be said for many of your friends being in grad school at once.

Joker: "Work on your paper."

Me: "Yeah, I know, blah blah direct action, blah blah unrecognized tribes... I think I'll gchat Wave. Hi, Wave!" (Note, Kate and I are now official bridesmaids in Wave's wedding. There is taffeta involved. Kate, Wave, and I? Probably going to cause trouble But good trouble.)

Wave: "Hello!"

Me: "I am grumpy and feeling bitchy and want to be needlessly snarky."

Wave: "Awesome, oh Friend Who Is Wearing Taffeta. Who do you want me to cattily snark on?"

Wave and I: (catty snarking.)

Me: "I feel better. Also, kind of "Mean Girls." But I have to work on a paper."

Wave: "Me too."

Joker: "Are you working on your paper?"

Me: "What? Paper? Yes, yes am working on paper!"

WitchHunter: "Can you do me a huge favor and proofread my paper that I am also working on for grad school?"

Me: (Work! That is not mine! That I can do instead of mine without feeling like big procrastinating failure! YAY!) "Of course."

Me: (reads paper, discusses paper.).

Joker: "Um, maybe you should.... paper?"

Me: "Yeah, yeah." (typey typey typey.)

PC's Glurb: "It is Saturday night. I am in law school. I'm working."

Me: "I hear you, pal."

Phone: "Ring!"

Me: (yay! The PHONE! Anything is better than me, my computer, and my research all alone on Joker's bed."

S: "Hi! You know that paper I am working on? I have some questions."

Me: (Yes! More work that is not my work that I get to do, which is awesome because this paper has been assigned since last semster and I have been thinking about it for six months and frankly I am bored to tears with it.) "Yes! Ask away!"

S and I: "Babble babble, informed consent, babble babble coersion, babble babble true material fact."

WitchHunter: (Comes in paper in hand.) (Listens to S's and my conversation for a second.) "I'll be back." (leaves.)

S and I: (Finally agree on various things that are 'Outside the scope of this paper.')

Me: (Go to WitchHunter's room.)

WitchHunter and I: (Discuss proper AP citation method. Play on internet. Discover Dirty Ren Faire.)


WitchHunter and I to Joker: "Ha! We are giving up on our papers and going to Dirty Ren Faire in Jersey. See you tomorrow."

Joker: "You can't go see (apparently incredibly hot girl that I don't know) without me!"

WitchHunter: "Wait... You KNEW about this???"

Joker: "Um... yeah?"

WitchHunter and I: (defeated). (Hating Joker a little bit.") "Fine."

Me: "Sigh." (typey typey typey.)

So, yeah. I have been working on a paper all night, and somehow that has turned into the most social evening I've had in awhile.

Viva la grad school!

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