Monday, January 08, 2007

2007? The HELL??

Hey, y'all!

Ok, so I survived Christmas with the Family That is Not My Own, quite well, actually. In fact, the Joker probably should have informed me that his family is genetically predisposed to awesomeness, because seriously? These are potentially the nicest people in the world. So clearly, I went in worrying about all the wrong stuff. I worried about mean sisters or possesive mothers, all of which was clearly insane. I did not, however, worry about the following:

1. Missing Luggage
2. Projectile Vomiting.

Both of which graced my holiday.

The first mild calamity was that our luggage decided that it wanted to stay in Texas, where our layover was. I can't say I BLAME the luggage, because if given a choice I too, generally want to stay in Texas. In fact, I have the sort of East Coast bias where Texas actually is kind of "West" to me, and I have a vague distrust of the actual "western" states, because... what? I don't know. I don't even necessarily LIKE it, but I get the East Coast thing. And I seriously thought (think? still?) that the Seattle Seahawks were (are) a hockey team. So I couldn't really blame the luggage, at least my luggage, for assuming Texas was the end game.

However, it added just slightly to the awkwardness of meeting the SO's parents when I had to borrow his mom's pajama's the first night. Again, thank god the whole family just rocks, because that's the type of thing that can scar.

Anyway, it got far worse Friday night, when I thought that I was worried about meeting a bunch of people. I had spent the day baking cookies with the Joker's mom (ok, ok, I know, the whole experience was a little Hallmarky, and I loved it), and life was great, until about an hour before the people were scheduled to arrive.

I got nauseated.
I got shakey.
I got cold chills.
I became violently ill.

But y'all. seriously, one would think I am Southern sometimes, because I manage to pull off the entire party, meeting all of the Joker's family friends and the like, being violently ill every twenty minutes, and no one noticed. I occaisionally rock.

So that night was No. Fun., as I got up every hour on the hour to be ill, and finally at 3 am realized the following:

1. We had a 6 hour drive into the mountains the next morning.
2. If I couldn't keep water down, I was going to get seriously dehydrated and may need medical attention.
3. I was not, under any circumstances, ruining these nice people's Christmas.

So I grabbed a bottle of water and a pillow and relocated to the bathroom floor until by sheer force of will I kept water down. By the morning I was shakey, but travel ready.

Then the Joker got sick.

We all made it to Grandma's and had a lovely Christmas, but I seriously do not recommend the flu upon meeting your SO's family for the first time. Especially since his whole family got sick after we left, and now I just keep picturing his family commenting on me:

"Yep, met the Joker's girlfriend. She makes us sick."


Anyway, it's the New Year, and looking back over last year I was kind of like, Holy Shit! How did all THAT happen? And the more I think about it, the more it began back in Texas in '05, and there's a lot there I never wrote about, and I think it might be time. So I'll be working on those posts for awhile.

Happy New Years!

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