Thursday, October 12, 2006

We're At The Point Where I Just Bitch. A Lot.

Oh, y’all. The traveling is over and the waiting is over, and everything has worked out fabulously, and I still can’t give any details yet. But then I sort of woke up and was like, “Oh, right, I work and I go to school and I totally have a paper due and Oh yeah! This is why I hate my life.”

I mean, seriously. I spent the majority of the holiday weekend working on this damn paper. Of course, by “working on a paper” I mean a very specific ritual that also involves smoking cigarettes, doing millions of loads of laundry, and finding every single goddamn piece of dry cleaning I had and delivering it downstairs. (And yeah, that was fun when I went to pick it up and the lovely woman in the convenience store informed me and my friend, who I had happened to run into, that I had spent “Much money! Hundred dollars!” Yeah. Well, she was close.)

And it was even more fabulous on Monday night, when Kate and E came home while I was working on my paper, and I continued to work on my paper all the while thinking, “They are having more fun than me. I KNOW they are having more fun than me. Maybe I should go out there and have fun, too.” Luckily, E was able to provide an emergency back-up printer (oh, don’t even ask), so I was able to get something done.

Of course, that something may have been a limerick.

Yes, y’all, I have a 25 page paper on federal reporters’ privilege due, at that point I had maybe 7-8 pages written, I didn’t even really know what my thesis was, and I produced: A limerick. Which I will reproduce here for you in full, because it’s maybe the only thing I can be proud of accomplishing lately:

Federal Reporters’ Privilege: An Utterly Irrelevant Limerick

There once was an agent named Plame.
Who came by some accidental fame.
And then by court order,
They jailed the reporter,
For not revealing a name.

See how brilliant I am? Brilliant! Hear that noise? Yes, that is me slamming my head against my desk. God I hate this time of year.

And unfortunately, it is simply not getting any better any time soon. Because in two weeks- I move! And I move on a weekend where there also happen to be 47 social events that of course I need to be at, except… wait. I ALSO have the final version of the paper I have been working on due a week after that (and believe me, that involves some serious editing) and did I mention I have to end the plight of Romanian orphans? (Oh, and that so sounds like a nice hyperbole thrown in there for good joke-y measure, but I am actually not so much kidding. Because in Human Rights Law (yes, I take MANY classes) we have to take a major human rights issue and put together a proposal to FIX. IT. As E said, “Bonus points to those who actually start up their own non-profit!”) So yeah, Romanian orphans and two other classes, neither of which I have even ­been to with any regularity. And my boss has decided we have “stagnated” for too long, and wants to “kick things up.” So boxes and unfamiliarity and a new commute?

Bring it.

See? See how much fun my life is?

Sigh. Send wine.