Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don't You Hate It When People Hint At Big News and Don't Tell It?

Hi, y’all! I have not written in ages! Sorry about that!

This time, it is not even that nothing has been going on. Because, y’all, so much has been going on. But I still can’t write about most of it, because there are secrets and careers involved. Well, my career. But that tends to be the one I care most about.

And it’s not like I have forgotten about you. Because I totally have not forgotten about you. In fact, I have Post-It notes all over my desk with things like, “How Products Mystify Me”, “Ways I Could Totally Make My Life Easier But Do Not”, and “Making Up With Nature” written all over them. I have an entire diatribe in one of my work notebooks regarding how Crest WhiteStrips do not so much make my teeth white as make them shiny, and how I am not sure shiny is what I was going for here. And also, really really smooth, which causes me to lick them in a vampirish manner, which finally caused Kate to threaten to move out if I continued to do so. The WhiteStrips live under the sink now.

Anyway, other than the Insanity of Last Week That I Can’t Write About Yet, there is… more insanity! Beginning, of course, with Law School. Because… Hi! I’m back in law school, which we all know signifies the slow degeneration of myself until by Christmas all of my entries will begin with the words “lalala” and chronicle exactly how I lost various pieces of my mind that particular week. And from the looks of the class I have been to and the e-mails with assignments that were due before class even started, I have a really bad feeling that law school isn’t fucking around this semester. And A and I have already had the conversation in which we commiserated over the fact that “sovereignty” clearly stole an e from “judgment”, which should TOTALLY be “judgement”, and how we are still very angry over that fact. And if that isn’t crazy, then I want to meet YOUR friends.

To add to the insanity… I’m moving! Because mid-semester moving is always the best way to add stress, you know. I don’t actually want to move. I love my building, I love my area, and I love the fact that my gym is so damn close that I actually go. But what I love MORE than all of those things is my roommates, and THEY have to move. So originally, I was all brave and “I will find a new roommate”, but then they left for 12 days and all hell broke loose and we realized that all of us together is a pretty good combination. So if anyone knows of a reasonably priced, walking distance to the metro house for rent in Silver Spring, let me know!

And finally, just to throw my work-life balance off a little further, I have been spending a lot of time with a new person, whom I will call The Joker, because that is easy and he already came up with it. (Ok, y’all. With the pseudonyms. I am the worst one with this, because I refuse to use people’s actual names anymore and the letter thing doesn’t always work and I demand that I never be mentioned by actual name either, but really? Who does this? This is so a People of Our Generation Who Blog thing. I mean, short of college fraternity guys (whom I have absolutely nothing against, being a sorority girl myself) who walk around all “Soup” and “Blumpy” and the like, most people have dropped the twee nicknames by the onset of adulthood. I totally understand why we do this, I just feel like it is incongruous that someone who does their own taxes has a life that sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon show.) Anyway, The Joker is great, and I guess if you’re going to screw up my work-life balance you ‘d better be pretty fantastic, and he basically fits the bill. Also, I have now finally accomplished my longterm goal of seeing Twin Peaks, and he’s even gotten me addicted to Buffy.

I’m not entirely sure this last one is a good thing.

Anyway, that is as much of an update as I can give currently. I will try to post more frequently, if not coherently.