Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time Flies. So Does HAIL.

It’s July 5. Good lord. How does that happen? I am all, “I will be more write-y and talk-y” and I post a bunch and then it’s July and I haven’t posted in weeks. But lots has been happening! So I’m going to pretend it’s Friday and do a random collection of thoughts, and sorry, but this is going to be all over the place.

1. Rocking the Suburbs: An Addendum, Part 2:

Remember how Peanut got poison sumac? And we took her to the emergency room and she was on steroids and pain medication and I felt bad but was so happy that I, at least, did not have poison sumac?

I have poison sumac.

And apparently I am one of the “very rare” cases (according to the internet, which we all know is the best place ever to look up health related information, especially if you want to be told that you are, in all likelihood, dying right now) where the poison does not show up for several weeks. So now it’s July, and I did yardwork a freaking month ago, and about a week or two ago my body suddenly just freaked the fuck out and I’m itchy and disgusting, and I am also on steroids and the like. Nature is trying to kill me.

2. No, Really. Nature is Trying To Kill Me.

The other day I was walking home and I decided to go to the further stop on the metro, because when I walk home from that one I pass my bank, and I needed to make a deposit. I knew that there was a storm in the area, but when I got off the metro it was not raining, and so I thought I was fine.

Until I got around the corner, where luckily there is an overpass, because no sooner did I get under that then the sky opened up. And basically just started dumping water. Which, fine, I’m under the overpass. Then the thunder and lightning started, and it was loud and really, really scary, but… I’m dry, or at least, dry-ish. Then the wind starts, and it starts blowing the rain completely sideways, so I run all the way to the far end of the overpass and turn my back, but it doesn’t matter, because the rain gets me anyway, and I am now completely soaked, and it is no longer warm, it is cold, and I am not happy, at all. Then the wind changed.

And it started to hail.

Like, for real, large chunks of ice not so much falling out of the sky but being propelled downward by remarkable force, and hitting me directly in the face. At this point I sort of just crouched down and covered my head, and it was ouchy and scary and I DID NOT LIKE IT.

Eventually I hid with random biker guy between two tour buses, and called Kate, who rescued me.

3. Actually, Nature is Trying to Kill Everyone, and is Seriously? Kind of a Bitch.

The rain? There has been a lot of it, and there has been bad flooding here, and I have spent the last several days working with the Red Cross a few miles away from where I live, which is an actual disaster zone. Which has been awesome, and insane, and I am exhausted, but again I totally love the Red Cross and working with them is awesome.

(Also awesome? Firemen who have to unload a truck full of relief supplies just as it starts to pour, so they end up soaking wet. And hot. I’m just saying.)

4. Happy Birthday

To the blog site that did not crash and eat all my writing. This blog is now officially one year old. And while the last weekend was far tamer than last years fourth, (Wave is in Europe, for one thing, and the whole disaster thing, for another), we did manage to drink beer and margaritas and this year I even saw the fireworks.

Now lets see if I can keep to my goal of actually writing more this year.