Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Series of Conversations Proving A and I Have Lost Our Minds

(Or, why gmail chat is maybe not such a great thing for us.)


10:00 am.

Citycat: This? Fantastic. http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/features/armaged.htm

A: HAHA "antichrist is small tin of pickled herring." --> "antichrist is eaten by cat."

Citycat: Grin.
"Four horsemen firmly advised to stop dicking around."

A: Haha
This person must be British right?

Citycat: I am assuming, what with the pickled herring and dicking around and all.

A: Haha exactly.
The herring was an early indicator.

Citycat: Ok, that? Is a FANTASTIC sentence.

12:30 pm

A: God im hungry

Citycat: Go to lunch, silly.

A: I did its in front of me :).

Citycat: Potbellys?
Chicken noodle soup?

A: Well clearly Potbelly.

Citycat: How hot… Potbelly's is?

A: No soup today...instead a cool refreshing milkshake :)

A: No, outside.

Citycat: OH, outside.
Yes, it was damn hot. I had salad-
and could only eat 1/2

A: I’m working on fattening myself up for winter

Citycat: Ha
A milkshake and what else?);

A: a sandwich
and some chips
...and a giant cookie
.........and a second sandwich

Citycat: ??

A: No, I’m kidding

Citycat: What kind of sandwich?

A: Roast beef and provolone
with smashed up chips
(sour cream n onion)

Citycat: yum

A: I wish I could puke it up and eat it all over again.
That... sounded better in my head.

Citycat: yeah…
Kind of nasty in actual print

A: Totally...but you see my point about enjoying the taste so much id like to eat the meal again
Although i am too full to do

Citycat: Hee, you're being all Roman

A: Haha
Except with unfortunately fewer orgies

4:43 pm

A: There is this church bell that chimes.
But its always 3 minutes behind.
Don’t you figure they’d fix that?

Citycat: Haha.
Maybe it's some secret cult thing-
The Davinci Bell!

A: Haha
I’m going to write that book.
I'll be the handsome hero.

Citycat: Can I be the smart and witty female?

A: But of course.
And we solve the mystery via Google chats and searches.

Citycat: Hey, Google is a powerful crimefighter.

A: And also there are cats dressed as historical figures.

Citycat: And also? Still manage to make all our...

A: You know, like in costume.
CATherin the Great.
Sir Meowsalot.

Citycat: And... and what would the cats in costume do, pray tell?

A: Also, probably they dance

Citycat: Oh. ...Dance.

Well, when they make the movie based on the book, we can make it one of our Very
Special Musicals.

A: Exactly.

Citycat: Can we title the book, "The herring was an early indicator"?

A: Absolutely.
It’s perfect.
Oooo that can be the secondary title or whatever they call the thing after the colon.
The thing after the colon...the asshole.
But you know what I mean.

Citycat: Totally. The DaVinci Bell: The Herring Was An Earlier Indicator.

A: Exactly

Citycat: A musical novel (with Dancing Cats)
Starring A and Citycat.

A: (and Dancing Cats)
(Historically Attired)

Citycat: Do they get "star" billing?
Clearly, they are linked to the herring...

5:00 pm

A: How funny was that Bush-Blair conversation?

Citycat: That was awesome
Of course, Bush has about as firm a grasp of the definition of "irony" as Alanis

A: Ooo, the bell was FOUR minutes late this time

Citycat: It knows we are onto it.

A: The conspiracy grows deeper.

5:30 pm

A: Ok bell is back to 3 mins.
All is right again in thew rold.

Citycat: Ahh, good old Thew. :)

A: Thew Rold, the mystical plane on which The Davinci Bell exists.

Citycat: Oh, this is just getting better and better.


11:00 am

A: Why am i so hungry so early today?

Citycat: I... don't know?

A: Yes you do, stop keeping things from me.

Citycat: Maybe because lunch was SO good yesterday that you just cannot wait to have it

A: hm this is possible.
I forget if tues or thurs is corn chowder day.

Citycat: Because you couldn't eat it again yesterday, subconsciously you have been thinking
about it for almost 24 hours.
And now you just want it

A: Yes, and now i get it without the vomiting

Citycat: See?
The brilliance of the human body: every day, we get to eat again.
O metabolism, my metabolism.

A: AND my pulse rate, low pulse rate.

Citycat: Why is it that we talk sense for about 20 minutes but eventually always descend
into madness?

If something were to happen and someone subpoenaed our gmail chats?
We'd be wearing white coats WAY after labor day, if you know what I mean.
(Dancing cats. In historical costumes.)

A: Haha
That’s so true
Cause its like, oh, this legal thing, blah blah,
work work,
Oh! that reminds me of a song!
(madness, strange words)
Back to normal

Citycat: And the thing is, we speak the exact same language of crazy.

A: Yes. British.

Citycat: Pickled herring.

A: Stop dicking around.