Monday, June 19, 2006

Dance Your Cares Away (clap, clap)

We really are a special breed. Last night I got a phone call from SecretAgent, inviting me over for steaks on the grill. Since this sounded like the perfect end to the weekend, (a weekend in which, might I add, I simultaneously was confused for a 13 year old and failed to be a superhero due to chocolate fudge sauce- details in a minute), I jumped on the metro and headed to his house.

S met us there, and we made steaks and veggies and grabbed beers and then sat down to watch… Fraggle Rock. Yes. Fraggle Rock. These are my friends: three adults, a steak dinner, and muppets.

But the story actually gets worse. Because just last week A and I had the following Gmail chat:

A: “ I’m just mopey.”

Me: "That's ok, you're allowed to be mopey -who, by the way, is totally a second cousin of the seven dwarves. And also... wasn't it a Fraggle?"

A: “I think it was only Dopey.”

Me: “Dopey was NOT a Fraggle.”

A: “Right, I’m saying he was a dwarf.”

M: “Oh, and the Fraggle was Mokey, not Mopey.” (I looked it up). “I think Mopey was the missing link between the dwarves and the fraggles- the bastard love child of Dopey and Mokey.”

A: “Totally.”

(A and I both totally have careers, I swear.)

Anyway, I repeated the above conversation to S and SecretAgent, who also totally agreed with the speculation regarding Mopey parentage, when we noticed something. Mokey wears a ring around her neck. A diamond ring. And… do you know who has unlimited access to jewels?

That’s right. Dwarves.

Which means, Mopey might actually be totally legitimate, but no one knows about him.

Of course, since Snow White came out in 1937, and Fraggle Rock in 1983, (and did Dopey and Mokey maybe have kind of a May/December romance there? Or, as conversation last night wondered over, is Mokey just ancient?) Mopey is probably, like retired by now. So breaking the news of his parentage isn’t anything as awesome as getting the scoop on, say, Suri or Shiloh.

However, I just wanted to make public exactly what four adults, all four of whom have careers, and three of whom are in graduate programs, could accomplish if they put their heads together.

(And then, most likely, slammed them against each other, killing their braincells).

More on last weekend later!