Thursday, April 13, 2006

Peanut and Citycat Apparently Have A Lot To Write About

Ok, so I have to write this entry now, and it will be long and nonsensical because, well, hi!, have you read this blog? But also because I have tons of stuff to post about and have been a Lazy Poster (and also, busy) all week, and I have to post them all NOW because this weekend is my birthday and Kate’s birthday and you do the math- it should be an interesting weekend.

Not that last weekend wasn’t an interesting weekend. Because it… was. So let’s just begin, shall we?

Peanut and Citycat: A Nordstom’s Make-up Adventure

Peanut called me one day last week and asked if I wanted to accompany her to a make up show at Nordstrom’s Saturday morning. You paid $15, they closed the store, and you drank mimosas and watched a “fashion” show where they showed off “new make-up looks”, and then got a free make-over at a make up counter. Which, of course I wanted to do that, because it is insane, and I like doing insane things.

So, at roughly 9 am on Saturday morning Peanut and I are drunk on mimosas. This may have aided in the fact that after being made over by Stila, I proceeded to spend approximately seven thousand dollars on make-up. Well, ok, maybe not seven thousand, but… hundreds. Hundreds of dollars. On make up. Which… I don’t wear. And even after spending all that money, I was STILL talked into buying over priced eye cream, because the man selling it was so entirely awesome that after 20 seconds of talking to him all I wanted was to have him come to my house to sit on the couch and watch bad TV and braid my hair and talk about boys on a Saturday afternoon and really, the least I could do was buy the eye cream.

Peanut and Citycat: A Soundtrack

So, maybe it is because Peanut and I are in the car a lot lately, but we have been ipod-ing (I verbed “ipod”! And… “verb”) it up like crazy. And I guess music was always pretty big for us when we lived together, and for more than just challenging our dorm neighbor who once woke us up by playing the trumpet. (Peanut: (incensed) “Ok, that’s IT. I handled the stereo. I handled the violin. I handled the bongo drums. But I DRAW THE LINE at the trumpet!”). Anyway, a lot of time has been spent lately listening to everything from the Killers (“this song makes everything ok in my life”) to a folder called “College” and having conversations like this:

Me: “Blue! I LOVE that song!”

Peanut: “I am so glad you mentioned that song, because I don’t know anyone else who would admit to actually liking it.”

Me: “But… I really love it.”

Peanut: “But you’re kind of embarrassed about that, right?”

Me: “Sure, this from the girl who just played the Venga Boys. Twice.”

But seriously, there is some crazy bad music out there, and it is wonderful. Go download Tupthumping by Chumbawumba, and you will see what I mean.

Peanut and Citycat: The Issue With The Horoscopes:

Peanut has somehow found a horoscope writer who is actually on crack, and thus has been amusing us for a week. It began when she called me at work on Monday to read me her horoscope. (This is not a usual occurrence, I swear). But… her horoscope had to do with maybe her having some great idea, which she… held and incubated in her chest (?) like a little chick (??) and today was the day it would poke it’s little beak out of it’s little shell and… show its wings (???). Which, A. Is a metaphor that has been taken far too far, and B. Is actually a pretty terrible metaphor. At least, if it is trying to say what I think it is trying to say, which is: you have a good idea, you have been waiting for the right time for this idea, and the time is here, so the idea should spring forth and take flight and soar to new heights, bringing you and your reputation with it. Which, all metaphors for success, right? Except…

Chickens? Don’t fly.

So what this metaphor is actually saying, (if you are the kind of person who spends this much time analyzing crack head horoscopes, that is) is that you had one idea once, and you didn’t say anything, and it… became a chicken. And when you DO finally make it public, it will show that it has wings but they are useless, and it will just run around and squawk. And that? Is NOT a metaphor for success, so much.

Mine? Another overblown metaphor, this one involving, of all things, donuts, which I do not even like. It starts out basically throwing out there the fact that I am… inventing a donut. (Like, a new donut? Because donuts are already kind of invented…) But anyway, I am not supposed to invent a whole new donut anyway, because my “batter is fine” (…thanks?) and the baking is all ok (…good?) and in fact, I should be concentrating on “pink sprinkles and coconut shavings” (oh… really?). I mean, seriously people, I couldn’t even make this up.

In today’s horoscopes? I am going to meet the man of my dreams and be in a different emotional space than I am in now. Since currently my emotional space consists of fighting with a computer program that is not working, and my emotional space tonight involves champagne and the pretty, pretty Supernatural boys, I have to say it might be right.

Peanut? Should go save woodland creatures. I swear to you. Here it is:

"Maybe you want to save the endangered oak trees in the neighborhood park. Maybe it's a certain kind of bird whose habitat is threatened that's gotten hold of your heart and your energies. Or it could be a species of wild mouse, or bunny rabbit, or frog. You're absolutely right: Something has to be done for these little creatures that can't speak up for themselves. Go to it!”

Hee, I think I like mine better.

When I write again, there will be a new number next to the “2” in my age.