Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Fever

Hi! It’s Friday! And I have lost my mind! I have completely fallen victim to spring fever, because it’s sunny and it’s warm, y’all, and that is AWESOME. And it is not only Friday, but it is the Friday after the Worst. Week. Ever, and the last Friday in March, and for some reason I am all sunshine and flowers and rainbows and kittens today. Maybe the excessive amount of coffee has something to do with it? Nah.

Point being that a co-worker just came into the office to find me giggling helplessly at the e-mail I had just received. See, we get these nice little newsletters about health stuff, and the title of this one is, “Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Eat Better.” Hee! Thanks, Uncle Sam!

Anyway, I am also entirely mentally unhinged because computers will drive you straight to the mental ward. I had to do a posting today, and it took well over an hour, which is about and hour and a half longer than it should take me. It’s like the computer and the document were in a conspiracy to make things as goddamn difficult as possible. Seriously. Change one thing, something else gets screwed up. It was like a game. Ok, if I fix the date, good, then… oh, the spacing is now off, so I’ll fix that and… Damn, the table is off now, ok, fix the table, fix the spacing, date is right, now…. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE FONT?!?!? And of course as soon as I got it perfectly formatted I noticed that I had the opening date as March 33, which… doesn’t actually exist, and changing that sparked a whole new round of edits. I hate computer gnomes.

Anyway, last weekend SuperGirl and my apartment finally got our acts together and went to Costco, where we promptly became terrible influences on each other and I think I need to mortgage the apartment to pay for everything we bought. But our barren cupboards now have food in them again, which is so lovely. Also, shopping cart races on the way home. (Because we sort of stole shopping carts from the shopping cart graveyard outside our apartment, brought them to Costco, and then just brought them back home). Shopping cart races that E and I won, thanks to what was actually a pretty sneaky move by E. Yay, E! Also, we finally cleaned the kitchen. Now, we clean the kitchen all the time. But I mean CLEANED the kitchen, to the point where at one point Kate, E, and I were all on our hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. This was kind of hilarious, and kind of awful, because the kitchen floor turned out to be unbelievably dirty. Like, scary dirty. But it’s clean now, so yay.

I also spent an inordinate amount of time this week laughing hysterically at Snakes on a Plane. Seriously, people. Snakes. On a Plane. E and I spent part of Sunday laughing so hard at Snakes on a Plane that Kate heard us in the shower. I then told Jimbo about it, and at one point in class on Tuesday both of us were in tears trying to hold back laughter. This may not be the best idea in the world, but meh. Long week. So check out Snakes on a Plane.

That is pretty much all that is new right now, have a great weekend, and I hope Spring has sprung wherever you are!