Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quick Update

Just a quick update, because I am busy and also not very coherent. (Right, like that’s… news). Anyway, things are all lovely and fun, as long as they don’t involve my body turning on me and all forms of nourishment.

Last week I went to Texas, and S came, and it was fun and we drank wine and played pool and then my stomach waged war on the rest of my body. Stomach flu: Not A Fan.

But I survived that and was keeping solid food down just in time to… go back to work and school. Yippee. However there is plenty of fun going around, too. Right now I am eagerly awaiting the beginning of the draft for my fantasy game for America’s Next Top Model. Yes. YES. Stop laughing. This is awesome. I mean, I am a huge fan of sports fantasy games and all that. But a game in which there are three different point levels for three different variations of “getting naked”? (the models, people, the models). And also for various permutations of crying and having sex? Y’all, this is gold. And Kate and I and, fittingly, Top Model now have such a good reason to kick back with some nice wine and bad reality TV on Wednesday nights. Not that we needed a reason, but…. Still.

And I NEED to kick back and relax on Wednesdays, because Mondays are KILLING. ME. Writers of 24? You had BEST sleep with one eye open. That is all I have to say. I don’t want to write any spoilers here for those people I know wait for the whole season or have Tivo or whatever, but. Writers. That trick you pulled? At the end of the last episode? WHEN I WAS ALREADY CRYING? That was NOT OK. And I HATE YOU.

So the rest of this week is shaping up to be pretty good, what with ANTM tonight, and then Thursday will be nice because our professor bought the entire class beer. This seems to happen about once a year and I am a huge fan. Somehow it makes life suck a lot less to be in class when there is a beer. I feel far more like I am a part of the 1900’s French intellectual society and far less like a person with no life stuck in law school. Aaaannd… I’m a dork. Moving on.

Friday is, of course, St. Patrick’s Day, which shall be celebrated in a haze of Guinness and actual authentic Irish food cooked by Supergirl and Jimbo. What started out as a small gathering has quickly grown to epic (at least in our small apartments) proportions and promises to be a great time. Best part? They live IN MY BUILDING. This makes stumbling home so much more convenient.

I haven’t worked up my next major question yet, but I will leave you with this small observation:

Do you think anyone at Dell Computers has noticed, and subsequently cared, that for all intents and purposes they basically have a big Enron “E” right in the middle of their logo?

I’m just saying.