Sunday, February 05, 2006

Aaaannd, the Weekend Ends

With the following conversation:

E: (brings a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream into the living room, where we are watching TV).

Kate: "Why are you eating that without chocolate sauce?"

E: "There is no chocolate sauce."

Kate: "There is chocolate sauce."

E: "I looked. No chocolate sauce."

Kate: "It's a can."

E: "Nope."

Citycat: "Yes, I absolutely guarentee to you that there IS chocolate sauce. In the fridge."

E: (minorly affronted). "Where?"

Citycat: "Top shelf. In a can, behind a few of the things in front."

E: (with a put out sigh of self rightiousness) "Fine." (stomps into kitchen).

From Kitchen: (Fridge opens. Bangs, bang bang. Crash. Bang. Fridge shuts.)

Citycat: (under her breath to Kate) "Whatever you do, E, don't use your eyes. Just don't LOOK, with your EYES, or anything."

E: (Tromps back into living room with plain ice cream.) "There is no chocolate sauce."

Citycat: "OH FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST." (Stomps into kitchen opens fridge, reaches in, grabs the chocolate sauce from it's place in PLAIN SIGHT, exactly where we had said it was, returns triumphantly into living room."

E: "Where? Where WAS IT?"

E and Citycat go into kitchen. Citycat returns chocolate sauce to the same spot.

Kate: "I WANT TO SEE THIS." (tromps into kitchen. Sees sauce. Bursts out laughing.)

E: "IT was NOT there. I moved stuff! It wasn't there a minute ago! I swear!"

Kate: (Takes ice cream from E. Picks up chocolate and pours it on ice cream. Takes spoon from E. Leaves room with E's ice cream.).

E: "Wait... but? That's my ice cream?"


Citycat: "But Kate, it is mean to steal treats from blind people."

E: (on floor, laughing.)

Oh, y'all.

Go Steelers!!!