Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back, Briefly

Sorry! It has been a long time since I have written, or at least since I have written anything publicly, and honestly, it has nothing to do with me suddenly disliking my internet friends. Love you, Internet Friends! See, I even capitalized you! No, there has just been so much going on and work has been crazy and my computer at home is still broken and I started law school again and all of a sudden my boss took an unusual interest in blogs. He’s all, “Do you know about blogging? Do you have a blog? So I could search for your blog?” And while I think he generally means well, (and most likely could not search and find my blog, since I have definitely never said “Citycat”), and even if he did would probably just be amused, but it still made me a bit nervous updating at work.


Things are great and I still have absolutely no mind, as evidenced by the following conversation I had with Peanut last weekend.

Phone: “Ring!”

Me: “Hello? Peanut? Why are you not here yet?”

Peanut: “I am stopped. On the GW Parkway. There is no movement, no movement at ALL.

Me: “Ok. I should just warn you… My hair and I are….”

Peanut: “Fighting?”

Me: “Well, it hasn’t escalated into an all out fight yet… it’s more like artistic differences.”

Peanut: “Artistic… differences?”

Me: “Yes. See, I thought that maybe tonight I would wear my hair curly. Which I interpret as being kind of spirally loose curls. You know.”

Peanut: “Yeah.”

Me: “My hair… My hair seems to want to interpret “curly” more as… “fluffy.”

Peanut: “Hee!”

Me: “Shut up. I think it is tamed, but… remember, my hair tonight is in more of an “experimental” stage.

Peanut: “Well, ok. But… Hey! I see the problem!”

Me: “What? An accident?”

Peanut: “Nope. A tree.”

Me: “A tree?”

Peanut: “Yep. Driving under a tree now. All is better. Be there soon.”

Me: “Good. Because this hair situation… It could get ugly. And I need a martini.”

So yes, I went out with experimental fluffy hair, which actually kind of worked for me, not that I’ll be doing THAT again anytime soon. But it was a fun night, except for the part where for no apparent reason the tall people swarmed Peanut. Now, Peanut is not a tall girl. Even in really high heels, Peanut is not tall. I’m not sure what it was, but suddenly and without warning the 4 or 5 tallest people in the bar just… closed in on her. You couldn’t see her AT ALL. Which I found hysterical, and simply leaned up against the bar and laughed at her, instead of, you know, helping or anything. But we survived.

Anyway, I will write more soon (promise) on the newest installation of Law School, which already includes a Professor that looks exactly like the monopoly man, a class from hell, and many, many references to “getting the band back together”. Plus, this weekend is somehow a mess of stuff to do, so there should be fun stories from that.