Friday, December 02, 2005

A Meme is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Sorry for the title- I plead finals insanity.

I generally stay away from these memes, but I am in a write-y mood and I don’t want to work, and yet have nothing creative or interesting to say. So meme time!!

TEN random things you might not know about me.
1. I am completely obsessed with all manner of sea monsters, but especially real ones like giant squid. I once dragged K to the Museum of Natural History for the Giant Squid Exhibit, and I’ve been there at least four times since.

2. My grandfather was taken as a POW during the D-day invasion. He was the only survivor when his plane crashed. Last summer the town in France where his plane went down invited my family to come be a part of a ceremony honoring him and the others on his plane. We stayed in an actual castle with an actual moat and I had actual gorgeous Scottish boys row me around in it.

3. I have the worlds’ worst sense of direction. I get lost in buildings.

4. Bookstores make me nervous. I love to read, but walking into a bookstore is overwhelming and I can wander for hours from fiction to romance to horror to newly published and end up going home and reading something I’ve read a hundred times before.

5. I do not want children. I never have. When I was young and my cousin and I played house, I played the aunt. Also, when I was young my parents bought me one of those dolls that talks and interacts with you. I hated it, because it told me what to do.

6. I had my heart broken twice in fairly quick succession several years ago. Sometimes I’m not sure if I am over it yet.

7. I have had terrible luck with dogs. When I was born my parents already had a dog. And my parents loved that dog, and all I hear about is how damn wonderful that dog was, but y’all? That dog hated me. I was the newcomer and she did NOT like being usurped. When she died my parents got me a gorgeous white puppy I named Lady. I had her awhile, but then we discovered she was deaf. Since even the most gentle tempered dogs can startle easily when deaf, and my parents wanted me to keep my hands, I had to get rid of her. The breeder we had gotten her from (my Aunt bred and showed dogs for a long time, this was one of her friends) felt so badly she gave me one of her top show dogs- Shailey. This dog? This dog was pure evil. I can’t even recount everything this dog did, but my parents gave her back. On my birthday. And it didn’t even bother me so much, because “sane parents” was a pretty good trade off. Then I got my first cat, and have had one ever since.

8. I talk to myself. Constantly. I try to pretend that I am actually talking to the objects around me… until I realize that “Talks to Self” and “Talks to Inanimate Objects” are about equal on the Scale of Crazy.

9. I have a HUGE weakness for reality TV.

10. I have a Black Thumb. A horrible, horrible black thumb. One time someone suggested me getting a plant and a friend of mine who knew me better was like, “Oh, no. That’s just cruel.”

NINE places I’ve visited
1. Orange, Texas, with the Red Cross.
2. The Beaches at Normandy.
3. Auschwitz
4. The Louvre.
5. Vancouver, BC
6. Most of Eastern Europe
7. New Orleans, pre- Katrina
8. South Beach
9. New York

EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. Be nice to my cat.
2. Love cheesy horror movies.
3. Own a dog.
4. Hugs. I love hugs.
5. Be able to snark.
6. Make me laugh.
7. Backrubs.
8. (For cats only)- Fall off the couch, then proceed to glare at me like I did something wrong.

SEVEN things I want to do before I die
1. See a show on Broadway.
2. Own a huge dog.
3. Finish the Wheel of Time series. (Of course, that’s contingent on Jordan finishing the series, but…).
4. Visit Greece
5. Write a meaningful academic work. (WaveUnfurled? Collaboration?)
6. Be able to drive without being terrified.
7. Live by the water.

SIX things I’m afraid of
1: Spiders.
2: Marionettes. (Don’t even ask).
3: Take-offs during flights.
4: Driving
5. Werewolves.
6. Computers.

FIVE things I don't like
1. Cold weather.
2. Mornings.
3. Lamb.
4. The Patriarchy. (That one’s for you, Wave).
5. George Bush

FOUR ways to turn me off
1. Be mean to my cat.
2. Be homophobic.
3. Be a bad tipper, or don’t chip in quite enough at group outings.
4. Ask me if I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

THREE Things I do everyday
1. Feed the cat. TRUST ME, I have to do this every day. Usually several times a day, because the cat doesn’t like when he has even a millimeter sized bare spot in his bowl, because then he is clearly Starving Cat, and he will make life miserable for everyone in the apartment until this is rectified.
2. Read.
3. Consider exercising. Note: I do not do the exercising, but I consider it. Every single day.

TWO things that make me happy
1. Night thunderstorms.
2. Cooking a really great meal.

ONE thing on my mind right now

Good Lord, that took forever. I also feel like I just filled out the Longest. Personal Ad. Ever. So, like, if you like long walks on the beach and want someone to share wine and conversation with- Call me! Seriously, I am only tagging WaveUnfurled with this, because she always tags me. But I would love any other bloggers who read this to do it too!