Friday, December 16, 2005

" bed."

Ok, so the time since my last final has been filled with a lot of nonsensical giggling, and then last night E came into town, bringing the number of people in my apartment who just finished law school finals up to two, while the number of people who are thanking the lord that we are done, already, so they don’t have to listen to our insufferable whining anymore holds steady at 1. (Thanks, Kate!). E and I had a rousing bitchfest last night, basically revolving around:

E: “No, seriously. The Professor LIED about the NUMBER OF QUESTIONS and the TIME LIMIT of the TEST. THAT IS JUST NOT RIGHT.

Me: “Yes. And in evidence?? They asked about the FUCKING RESIDUAL RULE. They haven’t asked about that in FIVE GODDAMN YEARS."

E: “Oh, and my First Amendment Class? Closed book, and the man asks for the holding in a bunch of cases. One of them? SMITH. The hell? I looked, there are SIX SMITH CASES in that book alone. How am I supposed to know what Smith he is talking about? I figure I pretty much could have written anything AT ALL, and banked on the fact that somewhere there was a Smith case to back me up!”

Me: “Yes, like my evil LRW professor, who asked us the holding of a case in which she SPELLED THE GODDAMN PARTY NAME WRONG, like, THE CASE DOESN’T EXIST.”

This went on for quite some time, as we were het up, and annoyed, and actually awfully loud, so, Hi tenth floor of my apartment- E and I hate exams, and now you know exactly why.

Anyway though, things have just been relatively stupid and fun. Take last night, which started with me watching all the TV that I DvR’d during finals, including the ANTM reunion show. And it was all fine, until the end, where Tyra Banks informed the models that she had chosen them all, and they all had a future, and it was up to them to “Make their destiny great”. Which… what? Isn’t the whole concept of destiny that you… don’t have control? Like, either you believe in free will, so… go be great, or you believe in destiny, so you’re pretty much stuck with it? I got rather irritated with that, and then E decided the only possible answer was that one of them was a Fate, and seriously? I just can’t see one of the ANTM models as Clotho or Lachesis, so… just no.

But even MORE fun was the Apprentice finale (until the end, which don’t get me started, because ASSHOLE, and I could be referring to so many people there, but Rebecca- I love you! Also, Alla? Can I be your evil sidekick? Just for like a week? Because you’re evil, but also kind of awesome). Anyway, before the horror and betrayal and emergence of The Giant Fucking Ego of last night, there were cute little moments where Randal and Rebecca were all adorable with each other, prompting those of us in my apartment (because we are seriously all 10 and bad people) to speculate on the fact that they totally could have slept together the last night. And THAT prompted a rousing round of the Chinese Fortune Cookie Game, where we added “in bed” to everything Randal and Rebecca said about each other. If you have Tivo’d this, I highly suggest trying this game at home- it was hilarious.

Kate’s co-worker also came over, and we completely degenerated into making No. Sense. At ALL, when we went out on the balcony and discussed 5 year plans… in which Kate will attempt to grow the worlds longest dreadlocks while eating “fa-gita” salads. I… I don’t know. Still sleepy. Finals.

Have a great weekend, y’all!