Friday, December 30, 2005

Holidays of All Kinds

Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!

Christmas is always an interesting time for me, because while I absolutely LOVE it, it is also the time when all of my 9,000 commitments come crashing together in a sea of Drive Me Insane and it is finals and work goes crazy and there are too many parties and I am traveling and there is much shopping and wrapping and ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, I HAVE FINALS.

So yeah, it’s like that.

And the fact that I end up so stressed out in mid-December makes it hard to actually enjoy the season all that much. I just have a hard time getting into it, even though Christmas threw up all over my apartment not once, but twice, and now every single goddamn surface is either wrapped, draped, or otherwise adorned in garland. (Christmas only gets tea and toast from now on). And my parents live in warm weather areas, and no matter how many lights someone has in their yard, I’ve never really gotten used to 80 degree Christmases. So while Christmas was very nice, and I went to Texas and drank wine and played pool, and opened gifts and gave gifts and yay, I really hadn’t gotten entirely into the holiday scene.

Until last night.

Because now, now I have time. I am not in school for awhile. I am caught up (sorta) at work. I don’t have to do mad shopping. Everyone is home and everyone is relaxed and Jenny is visiting and that? That is AWESOME. Because I realized last night that my friends and I speak our own language. (Sometimes quite literally, when we make up words, (hui!) but also, figuratively). And when we are all relaxed and hanging out we can totally entertain ourselves for hours and it works in a really phenomenal way. Everyone is different, and I’m sure that not everyone would enjoy mocking an hour of Joan Rivers on QVC, or understand the hilarity of confusing “Salsa Verde Doritos” with “Salsa Doritos of Truth”, or continue to search unending for the absolute worst reality TV program, but it works for us.

So tonight I will stop by the liquor store on the way to the mall and pick up tequila, and then I will meet the girls and we will shop for New Years Eve dresses. And then we will go back to the apartment and drink and be stupid and fun because we almost never all get to hang out together anymore and all of us are, in effect, on vacation. And then I will go to a fabulous New Years party with some of my favorite people, and then spend Sunday hanging out and watching movies and cooking, and then Monday the whole crowd will get together for “Fun day off activities”. No, we don’t know what those are yet. And No, it doesn’t matter.

So even though Christmas is, technically, over, I’m going to celebrate my holidays now, when I can fully enjoy them, and the people around me.

And to all who will get this: Oprah ROCKS, and so do you!