Thursday, December 15, 2005

And There Was Much Rejoicing


Oh, yes. I am DONE. WITH. FINALS.

Let the celebration begin.

Except, well, it really began last night, which is, I am sure, no surprise to any of you. But when I finally finished my exam last night (which, to be honest, was easy. And short. Yet still a Giant Pain In My Ass) I felt really, really crappy. Like, I was just beaten with a 2 by 4 and then someone came by with a big stick crappy. Because I had been going into work every morning at 7, and was completely exhausted and stressed and Fucking Evidence had basically killed my will to live.

(Note on this work thing. Please do not assume that I was going in early to, you know, do anything that had any connection to my job. That would be a silly, silly assumption. No. See, every year my agency has a holiday door decorating contest. And last year, on a whim, I re-wrote Twas The Night Before Christmas to be all parody like and my office won. And the other offices were pissed. So this year I had a reputation to uphold. And because I am clearly fucking neurotic, and cannot let anything just be fun or easy, I spent the last week coordinating 4 offices in an interactive multi-holiday industry-centered 6 door decorating extravaganza. Set to verse. All of it. In verse.)

(And oh yes, we won).

Anyway, last night I was not so much in the going out mode, but everyone was going, because we had all finished our exams at some point that day, and everyone just happened to be going to the bar that D1 was playing at (remember him? From my old life, when I used to run around in high heels and cause trouble?). So I went out and had a few beers and it was awesome, because sometimes in the stress of school and work and studying and notes and finals I forget how much I actually like these people, and how much better everything is because I have them to go through all the hell with. So… thanks, law school friends!

Now, of course, I get to lose my mind in true holiday fashion, because I FINALLY get to leave “Exam Season” and join the rest of the freaking world (except not, because I know that not everyone celebrates this time of year, and maybe I shouldn’t say “holiday” instead of “Christmas”, because clearly, we are attacking the Christians people, just attacking them, and I try so hard not to be overly political on this blog but seriously? Christians? Just stop whining. No one. Is. Attacking. You.) in celebrating “Holiday Season”. And I love the holidays, with the bright lights and things that are shiny and presents and food that is so bad for me but also- so good. And I got a present today! From the wonderful woman I work with, who is slowly but surely transforming every square inch of my office into a LOTR shine, and maybe moreso just Legolas. But I got a pretty calendar with pictures of the pretty, pretty heroes of middle earth, and I am just settled enough in my job and sense of self that I have no shame in using it, on my wall, in my office.

I know this entry makes no sense, but I no longer HAVE to make sense, because the finals? They are done.

And soon I will go to Texas, and then Jen is coming for a week, and trouble will SO be found!