Thursday, September 22, 2005


Sure. I FINALLY get around to posting after an apparently nearly unforgivable absence (thanks, Trouble :)), and now I am going to not be posting for awhile again. That "normal people" living from the last post? Screw that.

After Hurricane Katrina, I felt compelled to do something. So I signed up for a Disaster Relief deployment with the Red Cross. They needed thousands of volunteers to head down to the Gulf and run shelters, bring food to people with no electricity, etc. Now that Rita is hitting, the need is even greater. Yesterday I got a call and tomorrow I am deploying to Texas. I have no idea where I will be or what I will be doing. If Rita hits one way, I may stay in Austin, living in a hotel and working in a shelter. If it hits a different way, I may be sent to Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama and be living in a tent. It's a three week deployment, so I could end up doing some of all of the above.

So this decision seems to be begging a few questions, namely, Citycat... What about work? And don't you go to law school?

Yes. But...

Work: Work is wonderful and amazing sometimes and wants to help. So work worked things out for me and are almost unbelievably supportive. This is one time, I can say, with a complete lack of irony, that I am truly grateful to them.

Law School: Heh. Well, ok. On the one hand, it is definitely not advisable to take off for three weeks mid semester. On the other hand... life happens. When I weighed the two against each other I realized that in this case, life wins. I'll work my ass off after I get home, and may pay a little in grades, but... It is what it is. The Professors are really supportive and my classmates, especially A, are going to help me a bunch.

So it will be awhile before my next post. Everyone have a great three weeks!