Thursday, August 04, 2005


Ok. This is far, far, FAR too cute.


I want one.


Of course, this may be coming from the fact that my cat coughed up a hairball in my bed this morning. Snuppy would never do that, because Snuppy is the Wonder Puppy.

Ok, I am a little obsessed. But seriously, y'all? A morning that started out with a dentist appointment that SHOULD have happened, but did NOT, because the dentist people are EVIL, and then proceeded into my getting lost while on FOOT in my VERY OWN neighborhood, cannot help but be uncontroversially brightened by a picture of Snuppy in the Express.

Still though, the day can only get better. First The Peanut and I are taking advantage of Restaurant Week. For those of you outside the DC area, restaurant week is a week where all the really, REALLY expensive snooty restaurants offer pri fixe menus for quite cheap. And the Peanut also chose a restuarant where bottles of wine are half off. This is wonderful.

Then I am heading to the beach with King and his friends. Thursday night Drinking Club is alive and well in Dewey.

I would type more, like about how TERRIBLY BAD this week has been, but I do not type about work because I would like to not be fired. So just know it was a bad week and I am out here like a bat out of hell with no turning back.

Happy weekend, y'all!!!!