Friday, July 15, 2005

It's TOTALLY Not Saturday. Oops.

Hi! It is Friday, and I am useless. Apparently, my ENTIRE APARTMENT suffered from some unknown affliction which caused all of us to feel like we really didn't have to get up for work this morning, and in my head I am all, "Well, if E is still here, I can't be that late", and I am turning over and cuddling the cat and then OH SHIT. Because oh yes, y'all, yes I CAN be that late, because E is ALSO that late, and it is not so much SATURDAY but very much FRIDAY and I had to be at work 2 HOURS AGO, thanks.

So after that stellar start to the day, I wasn't holding out much hope. And while I usually do not like to blog about work, I would like to make 2 points:

1. Remember how I have no experience whatsoever with websites, cannot even spell html (joke...) let alone use it, and think computers are run by angry gnomes, so they gave me the website redesign project? And how I have never had a nanosecond of database training, and use excel as a really boxy way to make a list, so they gave me the database integration project? Well, you know what else I have utterly no experience in????

PR and marketing.

Guess what my new job is?

Yes. I, who chose law school over business school because... hate, (also? Numbers. Business school has numbers. I don't like numbers), am now basically running PR for my agency.


2. For awhile it looked like it was going to be close, but I am proud to say that the final score was: Me: 1, New Foldy Easel White Board: 0. Take that.

But I think I'm ok, because even though I was late, my boss took one look at new foldy easel white board, where I have listed my current projects, and responded, "Oh, shit." Yeah, dude, you're telling me. But then he told me I was doing good stuff. Presumably when I actually show up, but yeah.

Anyway, I have spent the day running around in meetings and consuming basil pesto cheese toast, which is seriously the best food in the world, and I may or may not be on my third bag of it since I rolled into work at, you know, TEN this morning.

But no matter what happens today, it all ends the minute I get home, because it is HARRY POTTER DAY, and if you don't think I would actually turn down a date with an actual person to go stand in line and wait for this book, you seriously have no idea, ok?

Happy Harry Potter Friday!