Friday, July 29, 2005

Falling Down, Pedicures, Digital Film and More

It's Friday! And I am leaving work at 4:30 and going to the beach! And best of all, my Friday entries get to be long and rambling with no central theme because, come on, it's Friday!

But anyway, I am completely exhausted and my head no longer works, so I am just going to run down a quick high-low points of the week list. Because y'all care. I know.

- I had a VERY unfortunate incident occur on Tuesday. It was seventy-thousand degrees out, but I was all restless energy-y at work, so I decided I wanted to walk to Union Station and get a fashion magazine. Now... I don't read fashion magazines, really at all. I much prefer cheesy romances. And seriously, I have always found that fashion magazines just make me feel bad about myself. But I wanted a fashion magazine. So although I knew it was kind of silly, I was going to walk over to US for the sole purpose of buying a magazine. And karma? Karma GOT my ass for that one. I leave work, put on Daisy, and start walking to Union Station, lalala, lalala, SPLAT.

Do you know what SPLAT is? SPLAT is the sounds of yours truly falling to the ground in a truly spectacular manner for absolutely no reason. At ALL. I... I don't know, people. The nice man who had been next to me didn't know. His adorable small daughter didn't know. One moment I am walking, the next I am sprawled on the ground, bleeding from several surfaces, Daisy all scratched and halfway across the street.

So instead of a useless walk to Union Station for the sole purpose of buying a fashion magazine, I HAD to go to purchase first aid supplies for my two bleeding knees and one bleeding hand.

Thanks, karma. Fucker.

- Yesterday was fun, and I learned I am Really Bad at Being Pampered. I decided that I needed to get my hair done, and decided I wanted to be all girly and get a pedicure and go to the makeup store and buy shiny things. (See what fashion magazines DO to you?!?!) So I called Kate, and she decided to come play and be a girl with me. But I? I am a BAD, BAD girly girl. I mean, I'm good at it, in the sense of I know what I want and what works, but I'm bad in the sense of leaving all the sales people sort of feeling like, "the hell?" For example, my hairdresser, who is truely AWESOME, wanted to make my hair lighter. I wanted darker, with spin bangs. Hairdresser: "This was a really, really good idea. I mean, it was your idea and all, and not mine, but it was good". Same with the poor make up girl. I'm all, "What colors should I use?" She started to tell me, and I was like, "Ok, yeah, and what about this one, applied this way instead of eyeliner..." etc. etc. She was thrilled with the outcome, but again, it sort of ended up, "This looks really great, I think it turned out perfect, what a great idea... you had". The pedicure lady was ok though, since I know NOTHING about feet, but since it was my first pedicure (ever!) I was a little confused about the flow of things and there was some confusion throughout the whole thing- where the hell she wanted my feet on my part, and exactly how stupid I could be on hers. Pretty, though :).

Although there is one major problem. This is that I have itty bitty toes, and they have pretty much come together and formed a deep and abiding bond with each other. Especially my little toe, being that it is all alone on one side, really needs to feel connected to the fold. So the little toe separaters they give you in pedicures? NOT a good idea. The little one is all separated from the herd and angsty and afraid and EXCRUCIATING PAINFUL, so I CANNOT WALK. This was not good.

- The quote of the week, and possibly the month, by far, comes from E last night. I get out my digital (D.I.G.I.T.A.L.) camera and ask E to take a picture. E takes the camera.

I wait.

I wait.

I wait.

E: (utterly and hopelessly confused) "Do I... have to advance the film?"

Of course, E figured out how to use the camera just in time to take an excruciatingly embarassing photograph of me falling to the floor laughing at him.

Karma? I GET IT. (fucker).

Of course, earlier in the week E also guessed "tree" for one of the questions in Jeopardy (kids week), which wouldn't have been so bad, except the category was "animals". Jake, E, and I proceeded to have a long tutorial about how "animal" (Jake), was different from "tree".

All in all it has been a very good week, and of course I have the beach this weekend, which, YAY! Have a great weekend everyone!