Thursday, July 14, 2005

I Remember When All Wednesdays Were This Much Fun

So last night a friend of a friend had a charity event at my favorite bar. And I decided that I could totally take one for the team and drink a beer (or wine! Or.. a carbomb. Long story) for charity. And it was exciting because it would have been the night that my beach friends met my law friends except... they actually already know each other. But anyway.

The problem with the night was that the person whom I was supposed to go with? Not so much with the showing up. Or the telling me they weren't showing up. So here I am, at bar... alone. Now, I don't particularly mind being alone normally, I have gone to dinner by myself, seen movies by myself, and generally enjoy my own company. But... not at a bar, during happy hour. Luckily, I called The Peanut, who is awesome, and who instantly realized that me + alone in bar = Not At ALL Ok and she drove to meet me.

But... still had to wait for her to come. (I knew other people would eventually be showing up, but when was a mystery). Luckily, I apparently have REALLY GOOD bar karma, because another totally alone girl came up to me. We were both wearing the "charity" wristbands, so we knew there was some connection, and she also could not find her friends, so we became Instant Best Friends so as not to a. look like complete losers, or b. invite all the single sketchy guys to come over and bother us. And then another one of her friends showed up, and the three of us had a very fun conversation establishing the following:

The Not Alone At A Bar Because I Made These Great New Friends "Cool v. Entirely Inappropriate" List:

Cool: Telling a girl where in town makes really good, or really cheap drinks.

Totally Inappropriate: Trying to look cool by loftily telling a girl you only drink martinis "straight up" and then telling her that you know a bar that makes them "really strong". Dude? A martini is pure alcohol. It doesn't GET any stronger.

Cool: Dancing with a girl at a club, especially if you are a good dancer.

Totally Inappropriate: Coming up behind a girl who is dancing JUST FINE without you, thanks, grabbing her hips, and shoving her ass into your pelvis.

Cool: Touching a girl on the shoulder as you pass her in a crowded bar to let her know you are there so she doesn't suddenly turn around and end up with a drink spilled all over her.

Totally Inappropriate: Using the fact that you have to pass a girl in a crowded bar as an excuse to full-body grope her as you pass.

Ahh, When Guys Are Idiots, the conversation guarenteed to bring together all women everywhere, regardless if they have just met a few minutes ago.

So then The Peanut showed up, and I am NOT going to post details on the rest of the night except to say it was FAR more fun than it had any right to be. And there was a carbomb involved. And I am FAR less hungover than I have any right to be and have FAR more energy than I have any right to have.

And tomorrow? HARRY POTTER!!!!